About this blog

About this blog

Let me introduce myself first. I'm Richard, a software engineer with a passion for tackling data challenges. I've dedicated around seven years to specialising in Google Cloud. I genuinely consider Google Cloud to be the optimal solution for addressing data engineering and analytics challenges, and I have a strong penchant for knowledge sharing. You can connect with me on LinkedIn.

PracticalGCP, a YouTube channel I launched in early 2022, aims to assist the Google Cloud Community and those interested in Google Cloud. Its main objective is to provide practical insights into using various Google Cloud Services through real-world use cases. The channel is dedicated to helping viewers design and deploy innovative and reliable software services leveraging Google Cloud technology.

Nevertheless, there's been a consistent challenge. With over 50 videos already available, each offering detailed content that spans 25-40 minutes or more, locating specific information you need isn't exactly straightforward.

The Practical GCP blog now acts as a succinct companion to the channel. It offers brief overviews of each video, emphasising the main points and providing links to directly access relevant sections. This should greatly simplify the process of finding the information most pertinent to your needs.

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